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Help with OSCO pin please!! adau1701

Question asked by Skfir on Oct 7, 2013
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Hello everybody!

I have just soldered my first adau1701 board. The thing is I haven't soldered the i2c yet, so cannot program the chip to test it. The thing is, I measure the resistance between the MCLKI and ground on an empty board, the resistance was infinite, but after soldering the chip, I found out that the resistance between MCLKI and ground was zero, they were shorted!! Do not understand what is going on, I checked all the pins and they were soldered properly, so it was something inside the chip. At the same time when I power the chip up, the voltage on DVDD pin is 1.8v and the voltage on analog input pins was about 1.5v which means that the DSP at least partly works. At the same time, the temperature on the chip slightly increases, which also suggests that it works. Please guys help me, I do not understand what is going on, I soldered one more board with the same result. The oscillator which I use is ABM3B-12.288MHZ-10-1-U-T, two of its pins are connected to GND, one to MCLKI and one more to OSCO. I will include the schematic. Please help!!!