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Overlap-Add with block Based Talkthru example ADSP 21364

Question asked by Vaios on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by gpan

Hi ,

I m using the  ADSP-21364 EZ-KIT Lite , trying to implement an algorithm based on overlap-add through the block based talkthru example.

As part of the algorithm i m trying to implement an fft and an inverse fft . I use the rfft1024 command and some kind of problem occurs with the numbers in the output of the fft and all the block is filled with   -1.#QNAN .

First of all what does -1.#QNAN mean

And what shoud the problem be and -1.#QNAN occurs all the time ?



I m attaching the blockProcess.c file of the code . The other files of the example remain the same exept of a hamming window generated in main and some necessary declarations

Thanks Vaios.


PS the algorithm of the overlap add method can have some mistakes as i cant implement the fft right in order to check it .