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ADAU1761 without DSP, SigmaStudio

Question asked by Shoboro on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2013 by zainudin

Hello, all.


I use Zedboard to develop the realtime sound effector.

I want to use ADAU1761 as Audio Input/Output and ADC/DAC without DSP and without SigmaStudio,

I want to effect the signal from ADC_SDATA in FPGA and output effected signal via DAC_SDATA to ADAU1761.

And I want to try to set parameters to ADAU1761 via I2C from FPGA, PL in ZINQ(no PS(ARM Processor), no SigmaStudio, no Linux).


Can I do that?

Do I have to use SigmaStudio to setup ADAU1761?


I thank you for reading it through.

Best regards