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ADAU1701 programming

Question asked by crazyaudio on Oct 6, 2013
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I'm working on a project that should allow people to build basic DSP functionality without the need of low-level programming a DSP chip. I like Sigma Studio, because it does exactly this. Unfortunately the license agreement does not allow end users to use SigmaStudio. Is there a chance to allow end users of a specific project to use Sigma studio (without support by Analog devices). I can give you more information about the project if you like. If this is not the case - are there any documentation about the command set of the SigmaDSP processors. I might even be programming my own application framework, but to do this I would need more documentation about the command set of the processor.

It would be very cool, if we could find a solution to use the ADAU1701 DSP for this project.


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