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FIR input and output parameters

Question asked by emi.rein on Oct 5, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by emi.rein

Hi all,

I have to port a convolution reverb application to an ADSP-21469 processor. The app has been developed on a PC and runs fine, except from too long latency between input and output. I am using CCES 1.0.2, and brand new to DSP's.

The convolution should be done by function firf which has a data vector and a filter coefficients vector as inputs. However, function rfftf_2 yield the data input and the filter in a real plus imaginary vector.

How should the real and imag part be combined into one (real) vector for firf?

And the inverse should be done on the output vector from firf to get the _re and _im input for ifftf.

Is there any example to show these steps? I cannot find it up till now.


Thank you for your help.