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Using The ADXL343 - Only 8 Bits of Data Needed

Question asked by flyerrap18 on Oct 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by flyerrap18

       Good morning.  I have a customer that is evaluating the ADXL343 as a pin-compatible replacement for the FreeScale MMA8452Q.  In making the neceessary software changes, he informed me that he only needs 8 bits of data for each axis.

     It seems to me that the best way to get this amount of data from the ADXL343 is to left-justify the data which would require the customer to only have to read the 8 bits stored in the DATAx1 register for each axis according to Figure 40 of the datasheet.

     Can you please confirm this to be the case and that I am not missing anything?  Thank you.