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Controls disappear from inside the blocks in SigmaStudio [GUI display bug]

Question asked by FabianDuchesne on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by JJoseph

When a SigmaStudio schematic start to be big and complex, I'm used to zoom in/out using ctrl+mouse scroll.


But doing this, sometimes, the controls inside a block turns to "bitmaps" or even disappear from inside the block (see attached picture) and the schematic is then useless as I cannot recover the display in a usable state (even by closing/re-opening the file).


Is this a known issue? What can I do to recover the controls


I'm using:

  • SigmaStudio 3.8 x86 (32bits)
  • SigmaStudio for SHARC v2.0.0
  • CrossCore
  • Windows 7 32bits