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Question about interrupt sources' processing in C code

Question asked by nlsa001 on Oct 2, 2013
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I am building a test system for testing ADSP-21479 based signal processing board. I use uC as TWI_Master to send command and the ADSP to receive the command and perform the test and then feed back the testing result per TWI.


Right now the DSP board work well with ADC Sampling with (per SPORT1_DMA_Handler) and with TWI_Slave (per DPI_Isr) separately. But when I open the two interrupt sources (the TWI_Slave keeps higher priority) the code only performs TWI_Slave ISR, but never SPORT1_DMA ISR. In fact, I run the test code, I only let TWI_Slave take one time ISR. It seems to me that the Interrupt Source of TWI_LaveI not close fully, but I have tried to reset all the interrupt sources about TWI_Slave in the DPI_Isr. I don't know why I can't open two interrupt sources in my code (I enable the two interrupts in main).


Would any one check it for me?


Attached is my test code.


Thanks a lot in advance,