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Streaming data from FMCCOMMS1 on Linux

Question asked by davidhodo on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by DragosB

I'm trying to log data for testing from the Analog Devices FMC SDR card attached to a Zedboard.  I'm running the Ubuntu Linux demonstration provided by Analog Devices and can view data coming from the device in the IIO-Oscilloscope application.  I've made my own separate application that is able to read samples from the FMC card using the oscilloscope code as an example. 


Currently I am setting a buffer size, writing a 1 to the enable file, reading the buffer, writing a 0 to the enable file and then sleeping.  That works fine for reading a few samples, but the question I have now is how do I continuously stream data from the device?  Is there a way to determine if new data is available to be read or to clear the buffer so that I don't read the same data twice if I just poll it continuously?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.