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external ADC/DAC setup with ADAU1701

Question asked by Bazeman on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Yagami

Hi guys,


I hope you could help me...


I'm developing a dsp board with the adau1701 dsp and external ADC (PCM1804) and 2x DAC (PCM1798), so 1input ch/4output ch setup.


I have read in the datasheet of the adau1701 that output_LRCLK (MP10) should be hardwired externally to input_LRCLK(MP4) and output_BLCK(MP11) should be hardwired externally to input_BLCK(MP5), Is this correct?? Also my understanding is that the "looped" LRCLK line and the "looped" BLCK line should be connected to both LRCLK and BLCK pins of the ADC and DAC converters. Did I understand this right? Is any "extra" buffer hardware necessary on these lines, like the buffer on the master clock, for example, to drive the extra adc/dac's?? 


Then another question related to the previous one, is how to set the ADC.... Should I choose to set it as master or slave? And if I set it to master do I still need to make the loop between in and outs on the adau1701?


If needed I will make a schetch of the setup and upload it. EDIT: I allready posted it ;-)