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Hello Tim,


My USB ports are USB3.0. May I need to work with USB2.0 or less?


Please let me know.




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Subject: ADRF6755 with SDP-B


Hello Tim,


I confirm the followings. I observed that the problem is in the area of the USB and the SDP-B application. I experience almost everyday a failure in configure the right LO via th values fields and/or the registers field.

In most of the time I need to plugging-out and plugging-in the USB in order to release It and continue working.

In few cases I need to restart my computer, otherwise I can’t open the application.

Anyway, this is not a RF connector or cabling issue.


Please let me know if I can improve the USB stabilization. Now I connect the USB cable between the modulator and the PC without any Hub in between.


Thanks, Nir







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