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Unknown exception upon software reset

Question asked by George_R on Oct 1, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by George_R

The problem seems to occur randomly. I run VDK on ADSP-BF518, default exception handlers. Program execution sometimes branches to unknown_exception_occurred after issuing software reset.


Here's the code that causes the problem

#include <bfrom.h>



ADI_SYSCTRL_VALUES *pSysCtrlSettings=&temp;

bfrom_SysControl(SYSCTRL_SOFTRESET, pSysCtrlSettings, NULL);

Things I have already tried (all of them at the same time)

1 Placing the code above into L1 section

2 Running the code from a thread whose stack and heap are located in internal memory

3 Entering unscheduled region prior to executing the code, AND disabling interrupts while in the unscheduled region


The exception arises only after calling the last line of the code


What else can I try to trace the problem?