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SPI slave mode work incorrectly, need example code

Question asked by Employee on May 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2010 by jobo23

I am trying to work out an example that can establish data link between BF518 and another chip via SPI.

1) BF518 SPI0 work in slave mode, the other chip is SPI master.

2) SCK is input to BF518, about 10kHz, this clock is always exist.

3) BF518 SPI0 MISO is output.

4) The master(another chip) can not generate SSEL, so I have to use BF518's GPIO for its own SPI0-SS control


I use core polling mechanism to send bytes after pull down a GPIO to assert BF518-SPI0-SS, and then try to continuously transmit data, but found the bits were wrong after the first word was transfered(with SCOPE).


BTW, I am using BF518 EZKIT LITE.