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Burning loader file into BF533 flash

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Sep 30, 2013
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     I have developed and downloaded LDR files in BF533 under VDSP

          Build ldr file with certain settings

          Use Tool -- Flash memory

               select flash driver

               select .ldr

     burn and go


     What's the equivalent with CCES


     I tried -- C/C++ build settings | Build Artifact -- set to loader file

     Which causes a new set of options  -- Loader -- to appear under setting

     From VDSP -- output width has to be 16 bits -- select that

          Leave boot mode as Flash/Prom   format intel hex

          There is no tooltip for programmable flag setting -- see leave that at NONE

          Apply -- okay--  build


Builds target -- See finished building .ldr message -- then asks me do I want to reload an old .dxe (VDSP did that too -- never understood why)

Asked HELP -- download ldr -- no info

Dynamic help -- shows about debug window -- wonder if that will solve the breakpoint issue I have launched on another thread


Google -- analog devices CCES ldr download BF533

Google -- CCES linker manual  -- find --

Download the loadable file into  the processor’s PROM space on an  EZ-KIT Lite /  EZ-Board board via the Device Programmer

plug-in. Refer to the online help for information on the Device Programmer


Google CCES BF533 Device programmer -- Find  ADSP F533 EZ KIT Lite® Board Support Package (BSP).   which dos not mention loader operations as an option


Can you please point me in the correct direction