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Question asked by piero on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by wsierra

Good morning to everybody


I use the version 10 BETA of Sigma Studio,

in the attached figures the result is seen.   

Doesn't something work it is a bug of the releases?

Other problem, writing this simple project on the eeprom

of the evalboard doesn't work. 

It is not even it foresees the signal on the DAC3


She could help this information, effecting the Link Compliler with the oscillator 32.768 hZ OFF and positioning it in ON

after the compilation on the DAC3 the signal appears immediately. 

Effecting the Link Compiler with the oscillator 32.768 hZ ON, to see the signal on the DAC3 it is necessary to set

the oscillator in position OFF and immediately after new in position ON, then the signal is seen on the DAC3

It doesn't influence instead the set ON OFF of the oscillator to 1200 hZ


I have planned a more complex project and they change now unfortunately the dependent situations of operation  the setup of the oscillators.

I capture the images  and I publish the result.