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No BUSY and no FRSTDATA from AD7606

Question asked by ntq on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by ntq

Hi folks,


I want to drive a AD7606 with an ATXMega192A3U @ 12 MHz, but I get no answer from the ADC.

I use 5V for Vcc and 3.3 V for Vdrive. So I have to connect the 5V first and then the 3.3V. In a recent post we discovered some problems with overheating of the AD7606, but we solved the problem by using a new AD7606.


At the moment we have the problem that we get no answer from the AD7606 after starting the conversion. The following image shows you the timing after connecting Vcc and Vdrive:


You can see that after connecting Vdrive the orange pin (FRSTDATA) is high for a few  milliseconds. So the AD7606 is definitely able to output a signal on this pin. Now a closer look at the diagram after setting 3.3V to Vdrive:


In this test I always reset the AD7606 before converting. But without this multiple resets I have the same problem. After the conversion starts I see no BUSY and no FRSTDATA flag which. Nevertheless I try to read out the conversion result, but nothing happens. I get no input at all.


What could be the problem? Do you need more information?