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How to include a program in uClinux (BF609 EZKIT)

Question asked by AnnaMaria1990 on Sep 27, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by Aaronwu


I am using VMware Debian 6 64-bit.

I downloaded the following packages:

toolchain:  blackfin-toolchain-2012R2-RC2.i386.tar.bz2


Kernel:      buildroot-2013.08.1.tar.gz

U-boot:      u-boot-2012.07-rc2-2012R2-RC3.tar.bz2


The toolchain is already prebuilt, the kernel builds properly (with specifying BF609 in the configuration, but without specifying any U-boot board), and U-boot builds properly.

I compile the hello.c file with bfin-uclinux-gcc.

However, when I want to include the "hello" program in the uClinux image (as mentioned in this page) I notice that the directory romfs/bin/ does not exist in the buildroot path so I created it, and copied my compiled "hello" to it.

I then type "make image", I get the follwing error: *** No rule to make target 'image'


1- How then can I include my program in uClinux?

2- Is my package combination correct for BF609 EZKIT?

3  Any explanation on the stages that I should pass through to have the program running on the chip?

More precisely, how is u-boot related to buildroot? should we reference u-boot in some way when we "make" the buildroot? How will the program be downloaded then?

4- Compiling the kernel (buildroot) took around 1 hour on my machine (virtual machine). is that normal?

5- I use bfin-uclinux-gdb simulator to debug my "hello" project (compiled previously with bfin-uclinux-gcc).

When I run, a segmentation fault is generated just at the first 5 instructions of execution (even before main is entered). Any clue?


Thanks a lot for your patience and time,

I apppreciate any help or hint