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ADE7880 Voltage & Period Measurement

Question asked by vignesh on Sep 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by dlath

Hi All,


I have a custom made PCB based on the ADE7880 evaluation board. I'm trying to read the Voltage & Period using single phase load (2x200w incandescent bulbs). When the load box is n't plugged in, the voltage & current reads around 0.01A & 0.18v which I think must be removed by using offsets. But the frequency is reading around ~5120 counts which relates to 50hz. When the load box is plugged into the socket, the freqeuncy reads counts for 100hz. Please let me know what I could be doing wrong here. Also when the load is connected but not switched on, the Vrms reads around 280v but when I switch on the load, its reads Vrms 230v.