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Insert a byte into VBI of BT.656  to ADV7391 (SD Timing Mode 0), and then read this byte from VBI in BT.656 from ADV7180

Question asked by drkepley on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by PaulS

Is it possible to insert a byte into the VBI (line 10) of BT.656 input to an ADV7391 (SD Timing Mode 0) with a NTSC-M output and then read this byte from VBI (line 10) in BT.656 VBI data from a ADV7180?  I am trying to do this, but not having much success.


Do I have to use CGMS, WSS, or VITS to do this or may I just put the data byte in the BT.656 (of line 10)?


In the ADV7391 (32-pin device) I have subaddress 0x83[4] = 1

In the ADV7180 I have VBI_EN 0x03[7] = 1

In the ADV7180 I have BL_C_CBI 0x4[2] = 0


I do not understand what the statement below means!

ADV7391 datasheet (RevG) p 52 under the heading: VERTICAL BLANKING INTERVAL Subaddress 0x31, Bit 4; Subaddress 0x83, Bit 4

"In SD Timing Mode 0 (slave option), if VBI is enabled, the blanking bit in the EAV/SAV code is overwritten. It is possible to use VBI in this timing mode as well."


Could you explain this?


-- Dave K