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Enquiry of ADV202

Question asked by o--ha on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by DaveD

Please kindly be advised that the problem was occurred in our product using your product of ADV202. So, please give us your reply on the following issue immediately.



Compressed data may not be output by the signal to be supplied to the ADV202.


After our investigation

The problem will be occurred if the following signal is given.

Cross hatchingRefer to the attached photo

We make vertical stripe (White, Black, White, and Black…) per pixel in the background of the screen. Then, we impose the title (telop) and scroll the title (telop) only to the upward. In this case, the problem will be occurred.

In the case of the firmware Version 2.11.0



There is no problem happened if the firmware is upgraded on version 2.13.0.


Questions and confirmation

1) It is described as the ”Algorithm changed” when we see the history of the firmware version. Please advise if it is directly factor that the “Algorithm change” gives the problem to be improved.

2)  Please give us what was changed between Version 2.11.0 and Version 2.13.0.

3)  Please give us the information on improvement of the algorithm in detail as much as you can.


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