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Question asked by MagicRuB on May 24, 2010
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Sample rate 192kHz



When fed directly a DC 0 or 1 it will do as expected. Now +1 works differently than +2 but that is (I think) a different question entirely. Anyhow, with any Slew rate (I usually used low values like 1-5) and with a square wave of 1 Hz going into it I get the same output at all times, no fading. I tried doing an ABin CDout boolean to route a DC into but that doesn't work either.



1) How do I feed a crossfade with a square or sine wave.

2) What are the unit increments of the slew value? I see that 1 is near instant, 10 is a few milliseconds and 23 is a looong time. What is the formula?




With this image I get 1khz at all times. It doesn't matter if I change the boolean case (and recompile) or even change the lower two DC values.