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error: identifier "Timer_ISR"

Question asked by EvanQiu on Sep 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by EvanQiu

HI, I make a standard project for BF512. I want design a system tick by core time.

In BF518F_EZBOARD_POST project I found the  timer_isr.c/h and move to  my project.

but error occur as follow:


".\src\source\system_tick.c", line 47: cc0020:  error: identifier "Timer_ISR"

          is undefined

      register_handler(ik_timer, Timer_ISR);




1 error detected in the compilation of ".\src\source\system_tick.c".

cc3089: fatal error: Compilation failed

Tool failed with exit/exception code: 1.

Build was unsuccessful.


I don't not where Timer_ISR define, what header should I include?

some one know?