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EXT_WAKE0 and EXT_WAKE1 of BF52x even number devices

Question asked by usaghi on Sep 25, 2013
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Could you please let me know what are different between EXT_WAKE0 and EXT_WAKE1 of BF522/BF524/BF526 ?

By looking at documentations, they seems to be quite same, means two different pins show same behavior, but could you please confirm ?


One point at page 37 of latest Rev.D datasheet, Table 27., annotation 1 says "Applies to all signal balls with the exception of CLKIN, XTAL, VROUT/

EXT_WAKE1, SCL, SDA, USB_DP, USB_DM, and USB_VBUS.". However could you please confirm this exception is also applied to EXT_WAKE1 of BF522/4/6 ? If it is applied, EXT_WAKE0 are in the scope of annotation 1, but EXT_WAKE1 is not as it says, so it may be a defferent point, at least.


Thank you very much for your support and confirmations.


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