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questions about EVAL-ADV7611EBZ

Question asked by melisaelzer on Sep 24, 2013
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I have the EVAL-ADV7611EBZ board for a week now and I am having many problems.

1) When I got the board I downloaded from the server the DVP Eval but the instructions kept referring to the XRC application. I have both of them installed, some of the scripts seem different and I have repetitive issues with the I2C.


2) I tried after many failed attempts to connect to the board to update the software driver. As instructions indicated I inserted jumper K9, K7 is in position. Although it doesn't say in the instructions K8. K8, K5, and K6 are out.

S5 is ON and Flash Magic settings match those shown on Appendix 3 of Evaluation Note Rev B from October 2010. I have an Autobaud error and followed all the help instructions mentioned in the flashmagic.autobaud website.


3) I have tried every connecting option with my switch enable moved away from the text "SW_ENABLE" (up)  and  towards the text (down) because all the documentation refers to it as having it set or not but I am not 100% certain which direction is set. I think it is when the switch is down.


4) The documentation SECTION 5.1.2 Jumpers. Some of this isntructions are gerat and specific. The first one says "MCU boot (k7) - default position B". This is great but number 3 says "USB MCU" doesn't say what to do with jumpers here. Or K5 is just listed there. I think that says to have it but later that I realized that U5 is not there then maybe it doesn't need to be there. Number 5 on this list says "MCU I2C, default inserted" I am not even sure where is this jumper. Is there a video available to show this.


5) Script files. I loaded the script files from one of your threads and it had empty folders. Are those located in the Filezilla FTP client the latest files? I had to compare those files with everything available in the web and don't seem to have the latest modified date.


6) Page 12 of eval note, section 5.2.6. This sections talks about the switches and also the software enable switch (S10). I don't see any S10 in the schematic. I think that it is also referring to the S3 switch, correct?


7) Is there any instance that using this eva board I will need the K6 jumper, K5 jumper, K1, and K2>?


8) What is AVES?