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Resources used by Sigma divide-by block

Question asked by electrojim on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by BrettG

     I'm re-posting this question because it seems to have dropped out of the general discussion area.  I did receive an early reply from another user, but need further clarification, especially if this indicates something funny going on.

     Running under Sigma 3.8, I have a design that uses six x/y divide-by blocks, all in the same application (see schematic, below).  When I check the resources used in the Output window, I see that three of them have twice the MIPS, etc. of the other three.  I checked the Sigma Wiki and saw that one is supposed to be able to choose the precision of this block, but when I right-click I don't see the choices that the Wiki mentioned.  All three divide-bys were simply pulled from the Tool Tree, and I've tried copying and pasting the ones using the lower resources, but despite where the block comes from, the first three instances are resource hogs.  This chip is running near its limit and I'm trying to minimize resources, otherwise it would not be a problem.