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Programming the BF518F-EZBRD with the ICE-100B

Question asked by jgoulet on Sep 23, 2013
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I am using a trial-version of VDSP++ which allows me to build a .dxe or .ldr from my code. Since I am using a trial version, it won't let me debug or program. It seems that I can use Eclipse to debug by creating a project and changing the debug configuration to run the .dxe that VDSP++ created. Is there a way where I can use Eclipse or some other software to program the device? I am looking for a free way to program the BF518-EZBRD in Windows 7 using the .dxe or .ldr that I create from VDSP++. In the future, I want to be able to program a custom board with the .dxe or .ldr created from CCES from any computer that does not have the CCES or VDSP++ license. The project will not use an RTOS if that matters at all.


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