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CCES example install issues within University environment

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by CraigG


     Has a similar issue with VDSP that's easier to explain.


Business environment -- user is probably running with admin rights on local machine

University environment -- user has student and not no admin rights

    No user with student rights could run VDSP unless I, with admin rights, had created a local world program on that machine.

     Solution, I created a hello world on one machine that was then imaged across 32+ machines.


We thought that with CCES using workspaces in student directory that admin / student rights no longer a problem

     That thought was appearing correct until we went to use the examples menu item

     We downloaded the examples package and installed.

     Students can't use the examples package -- Essentially there is a "zip-file equivalent" somewhere with all examples.

     The plug-in (in a business sensible manner) only installs the examples on demand. 


Good idea, except that the package only installs on-demand to the C: drive, no options to install example else where.

The C: write operation requires admin rights since its not in the user space.


Question -- Can a version of the examples package be created with an option to select install location?

Or -- is there an easy way to expand all the examples, rather than one at a time. I can then do that on one machine and image around

or -- Am I misunderstanding the situation -- are the examples all stored somewhere (un-zipped) and the CCES plugin is just copying things into a workspace?