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Problems bringing up FCOMMS1-EBZ Rev. B with Xilinx ML605 board...

Question asked by mwfortner on Sep 20, 2013
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I have a customer that's run into trouble attempting to create a demo which combines both the ADI FCOMMS1-EBZ as well as a ML605 board from Xilinx.


Essentially, this customer currently has a strong baseline project sourced from MATLAB which runs Software Radio experiments within the ML605 environment.  In the past they have used boards from a company called 4DSP for development, but they would like to convert these 4DSP based designs over to ones running on the ADI FCOMMS1-EBZ.


Here's a snapshot of thier setup (see attached photo) and what they have tried thus far:


They have tested the ML605 Board using the ML605 Demonstration Tests for UART, LED, Timer, Flash, IIC, Ethernet, Switches, System Monitor, Push Buttons and LCD. Running these tests utilize the UART connection; they tested the JTAG connection as well.


Then they tested the ML605 Board using their previous Xilinx project and the 4DSP board.  Here everything looks good across the LPC connector when running RF data through the 4DSP board (TX -> RX).


They tested the AD FMCOMMS1 boards on a Zedboard platform ( by running the Zedboard/FCOMMS1 demonstration.  While observing at the I and Q signals using the Network Scope Utility, it appears that the 2 FCOMMS1 boards they have are working properly.


However, when they try running the demo outlined within the FMCOMMS1-EBZ ML605 Quick Start Guide, this does not appear to be working.


For this demo they have formatted the Compact Flash per the instructions and unzipped the zip file into the CF Card; they have also checked the board's switches and jumpers to make sure they are correct.


They do see that the CF Card's LED blinks and then goes green, so it looks like the FPGA is loaded.  In addition, if they select an empty configuration address, they receive a Red Compact Flash LED, which is correct behavior as well.


However, they are not seeing the flashing blue LED on the Analog Devices board, nor is anything coming up on the LCD display.  In addition, they are not seeing anything over the UART connection, so they are assuming that the OS is not coming up properly.


Here's the details on the boards they are using (2 each):
HSC 11018 REV B


All of their switches and jumpers are set to the same configuration shown in the ML605 Test setup, except for the compact flash DIPs:




Is there some sort of switch or jumper combination that may not be setup correctly?


Is their revision of the board which is not compatible with the ML605 Demo?


Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.