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VISA/Normal Word Code + Interrupt

Question asked by MarcZ on Sep 20, 2013
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The following questions apply to the ADSP21489 and using Visual DSP++ to

compile code.

1) In Visual DSP++ Project Options, there is a tab called "Processor" where

you can chose either "Normal word code" or "VISA code". We tried both, but

program execution speed seems to be the same. Will VISA generate smaller


2) The Interrupt dispatcher functions seem to require that the interrupt

service routine itself to take an integer. For example:

         interrupts(SIG_IRQ0 , InterruptHandler);

void InterruptHandler(int Something){ }

We've looked in various manuals, and can't find what is passed to the

interrupt routine (what's the purpose of the integer), what it would convey,

and if any kind of return is needed. Please give information about what is

expected from the interrupt service routine for use with "interupts()"



Thank you,