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sharc usb extender on 21469 board, documentation faulty

Question asked by more10 on Sep 20, 2013
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I am reading the Blackfin®/SHARC® USB EZ-Extender® Manual Revision 1.1, July 2012


My hardware is adzs-bfshusb-ezext rev 0.1 2009. BOM Rev 1.0


On page 2-3 only the default positions of JP1, JP2 and JP3 are documented. These jumpers are not documented in the schematic.


In the "USB Software Readmefile.txt" the jumper positions are specified as well as motherboard jumpers.

21469  EZ-BOARDs :

    SW13 position 4 -> OFF

    SW13 position 6 -> OFF


sw13.4 is FLAG1/IRQ1. I use this for other purposes. Shurely the ezextender can be configured to use other interrupt?


sw13.6 is FLAG3/TIMEXP/MS3. There must be a mistake, the extender doesn´t need two interrupts.


So what does the jumper settings do?