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Chained SPORT DMA interrupts do not fire when debugging with CCES 1.0.2

Question asked by robh.mcs on Sep 20, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by CraigG

I'm having an issue with a SHARC ADSP21469 processor and CCES 1.0.2.


I have a SPORT receiving an I2S audio signal and DMA-ing the resulting data to a series of buffers in external memory using chained DMAs. When using CCES 1.0.1, everything works fine and an interrupt is generated every time a transfer in the DMA chain completes, both when building to an ldr file and booting from parallel flash and when loading the dxe image using a USB-ICE debugger.


However, when I use the exact same code within CCES 1.0.2 and attempt to run it with the debugger, the SPORT DMA interrupt never fires (in fact, I'm not sure if the DMA is even occurring). I'm using the same code and the same board xml files in both CCES versions, so all the register values should be the same, and I've also adjusted the various options under Target->Settings->Target Options without any change in behaviour. Interestingly, if I build an ldr file in CCES 1.0.2, load it in to flash memory, and boot from flash memory, the program works correctly just as it does with CCES 1.0.1. The problem only seems to occur when connecting with the USB-ICE debugger.


Is there any change with debugger behaviour in CCES 1.0.2 that could be causing this?