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How to match ADL5387 and ADRF6516

Question asked by plkmn3 on Sep 18, 2013
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We are designing a circuit which uses a ADL5387 for 140MHZ QAM signal demod and a ADRF6516 for baseband filter. My question is: the output impedance of ADL5387 is 450 Ohm and the inout impedance of ADRF6516 is 1600 Ohm, do we need a matching circuit? I saw in the datasheet of ADRF6510 there is a reference design which connect ADL5387 to ADRF6510 directly, but the input impedance of ADRF6510 is 400 Ohm, much lower than ADRF6516. Do we have trouble if we directly connect ADL5387 to ADRF6516?