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[ADV7392WBCPZ] 16bit YCbCr input, CVBS output.

Question asked by Tamu on Sep 17, 2013
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I have questions about ADV7392WBCPZ.

We are looking for an encoder which has following function:
  Input format      : YCbCr 422 (16bit)
  Input Data        : DCLK +  Hsync + Vsync + Fied + Data
  Input Definition  : 480i / 576i
  Input pixel clock : 13.5MHz
  output format     : CVBS (composite)
  Macrovision support


Question 1:
  Please refer attached file. It's table 63 on datasheet P.92.
  There is no description of 16bit YCbCr input, CVBS output on the table 63.
  (Only RGB/component output is described at 16bit YCbCr input.)
  Can we use ADV7392 for 16bit YCbCr input, CVBS output?
  For example,
  when we change 0x87[7] to "0" and change 0x88[4:3] to "01" from Table 77 (16-Bit 525i RGB In, CVBS/Y-C Out),
  then can we use ADV7392 for 16bit YCbCr input, CVBS output?


Question 2:
  Please tell me about the input pixel clock.
  Can't we use 13.5MHz for input pixel clock?
  Do we have to use 27MHz for that?


Thank you.

Best regards.