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Programmatic Control through MatLab Documentation

Question asked by Fishlamp on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2013 by Fishlamp

Hello, I am presently working with the SigmaDSP 1940 development board, and would like to control the DSP through Matlab, to programmatically change the gain or delay, but I cannot figure out the values written to the Safeload registers. Using the compilation log, and changing the gain in the gui, I can get the address that the data is written to, but I don't understand how the bytes are calculated, to result in the 3 databytes written to the RAM. Is there any documentation on how SigmaStudio does this, so that I could sweep over gain or delay values?


An alternative would be how to control the gain value in the gui, so that I could simply write a value to the gui, which then updates the chip, though this method would add some delay time.



Keith McKinzie