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Question asked by locustinwinter on Sep 17, 2013
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hi, Sir,


  I had study the ADN2915 , it is a good CDR , works from 6M ~10Gbps. and we hope to know the function of the PRBS generator/detector .


it is not clearly describe at the data sheet .  I have the question about the PRBS function


Q1: the ADN2915 can be configed   as PRBS generator at Tx DATOUTP/DATOUTN  , and the PRBS receiver at the Rx PIN/NIN , Is it right ?


Q2: while the PRBS is actived and the Tx clock is getting from REF+/- input , Is it right ?


Q3: Is it possible ,we can change the REF +/- clock , and we can generate different bit rate PRBS code , from 6M ~ 11.3Gpbs, during the REF clock input 1/64 of line bit rate ?


We hope to use the PRBS function , and hope you can answer my question.