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SensorCapture & SensorStream samples

Question asked by Yoko on May 21, 2010
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    I am trying the samples SensorCapture & SensorStream from the SDK 4.0 on both EZKIT-561 & custom board with Micron Headboard.  The TWI could not communicate with the Headboard.  The BF561_Micron_image_Capture sample from the App Notes works with both boards.  The app note does not use the TWI driver.  The headboard TWI address is 0xba.  When I trace into to adi_twi driver, I saw it mask the address with 0x7F which result in an address of 0x3a instead of 0xba.  I did try to comment out these section so it keep the address as 0xba but still doesn't work.  Has anyone actually got the samples to work ? The sample could not even read the Sensor ID.  It return the an error code 0x40000017.  Where can I find the meanings of the error codes ?