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Ground plane for multiple DACs/ADC

Question asked by Dohny on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by ColemanR

Hello, I'm designing HD soundcard based on two AD1955 in dual mono + cirrus logic ADC and I have trouble with grouding and ground planes. There are analog and digital ground and I don't have any idea how to connect these two. I suppose that for best performance DGND and AGND of DACs/ADC should be connected together with minimum impedance trace. I usually building single DAC desings where I had to do simple gap between analog and digital ground plane and connect them under DAC. If I apply this technique on desing with multiple convertes I get ground loops. So I have an idea completly split AGND and DGND and connect them only with shottky diode (voltage drop less than 0,3 V) in both directions. Technically this causes no connection between AGND and DGND pins and Im asking: Will it degrade the performance or not? Thanks and sorry for my english.