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AD7985 Eval Board

Question asked by sara on Sep 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by KarenNE

I have the AD7985 eval board and I am referring to the EVAL-AD7944_85_86EDZ manual (a pdf file got in the cd came with the board). I am trying to test the AD7985 with Beaglebone Black over SPI Interface. Few things are not clear.

1. Somewhere in the manual, it is mentioned that the connector P3 is used for power supply but no details as such.

2. There is no power supply unit came with the board. How do I power the board?

3. Especially, I want to power it from the Beaglebone itself.

4. Also there is a software given in the cd, how do I connect the board to pc? Do I need another board in order to connect the board to pc via usb?

5. Can I see the sampled data simultaneously on the pc software and also fed it to beagle bone over spi?

6. If I just want to use the AD7985 from the board, how to do that?