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Reading data from ADIS16223 via SPI interfcae

Question asked by JasonSung on Sep 14, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by NevadaMark
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Hello! Greeting!

I’m trying to read data from ADIS16223 via SPI interface.

But, somehow the received data always read 0x00.

I have checked the signals on oscilloscope which SDO (MOSI) was correct.

But SDI (MISO) stills have no signal sending back from ADIS16223.


I sent the register PROD_ID shown in datasheet (page 9), and tried Manual Mode capture process (page 11). It didn’t work.

I also read this discussion.

But I’m not quite sure how did this solution work?


Please help!




Manual Mode capture process.

MOSI: 0x9C00 (select manual mode.), 0xBF08 (start the data capture.)


MOSI (0x9C00, 0xBF08)!CS


MOSI: 0x1400, 0x0000(dummy), ...

MISO: ???

MOSI (0x1400, 0x0000, ...)MISO