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PPI with ITU-R BT.656 no preamble recognition

Question asked by RobinD on May 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2010 by gyi
We use the PPI I/F to read in video data coming from a Camera (Omnivision OV7740).
The Camera is configured to ITU 656 Mode and is inserting SAV and EAV
preambles before and after every video row. It only inserts the Field 0 Preambles:
For Active Video: SAV = [FF 00 00 80] and EAV = [FF 00 00 9D]
and Vertical Blanking: SAV = [FF 00 00 AB] and EAV = [FF 00 00 B6]

Our Problem is that the Blackfin is not recognizing this preambles.
Actually I use the BF527 but I tried this also on the BF561.
When I try to read the data in no-sync mode I can see the preambles in the memory viewer.
What is the Problem?