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HP USB-ICE ADSP TS201 EZ-KIT LITE Emulator set breakpoints problem

Question asked by Chesterfild on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on May 26, 2010 by Chesterfild

Dear Members,

I have succesfully built my source code in Visual DSP++ 5.0 in simulation mode. Now I have to test it in emulation mode, and I use an ADSP TS201 EZ-KIT LITE board (two Tigersharc processors are on the board) and I can load my soure code to the board with the HPUSB-ICE Emulator. Now I'd like to insert breakpoints to my code, but it is not allowed.. If I try to insert original breakpoints, nothing happens, and if I try to insert hardware breakpoints, there is an error message, it sounds like: No hardware breakpoints are allowed for this processor.
Anybody have an idea how to solve this?
Thank you!