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Reference circuit for ADN3000-06 ic

Question asked by yasan on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2013 by AnnaFeB

I am employing Analog devices ADN3000-06-50A-PT7 ic to design a fiber optic receiver.I am encountering several issues with the my design ...


1) I am designing the fiber optic receiver for 3 Gbps.The output from the ic is taken by out+ pin which is a RF signal.I have to provide 3.3V DC power to the ic.In which way can i eliminate the high frequency interference to the 3.3V DC power supply?


2)What are the type of shielding that i must use?What are the elements that shielding should be applied?


3)Can i use FR4 fiber glass epoxy PCB material for my design?


Please provide me with a reference circuit for ADN3000-06-50A-PT7,it will be very helpful in my design..

I would be really grateful for your supports to fix my above mentioned issues...

Thank you