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Simulation software and a library for ADN3000-06 ic

Question asked by yasan on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Dongfeng

I am a university student doing my final year university project.Part of My project is to design a fiber optic receiver.I am employing Analog devices ADN3000-06-50A-PT7 ic for this purpose.I am encountering several issues with the ic ...

1) First question i have is this ic is in die form,therefore it is hard to solder for undergraduates like us.So do you have this ic as a chip with a package?

2)Do you have footprints available for this ic,if so please guide me how to get a footprint?


3)I am planning to design the application for about 3Gbps.I have to design circuit and simulate by a software first.What is the simulation software that can be used for a RF design like this?Does Analog devices has a library created for ADN3000-06 ic for this simulation software?


I would be really grateful for your supports to fix my above mentioned issues...

Thank you