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Set SDRAM to 256M cause an error when debug

Question asked by HoJuly on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by CraigG


    My CCES  version is, and the bf609-board with 256MByte DDR support. When I try to use the last half of DDR in core1, core0 couldn't enable core1 by:


  If debuging with HPUSB-ICE, the output as follows:


Although Core0 enables Core1, Core1 doesn't run!

LDF configuration is:



If I just set "size of external memory" to 128, Core1 could be enabled correctly, and stops at the first line in function "main":



I through there may be something wrong with 256M support in cces. And what should I do to overcome this matter ?


A lot of Thanks.