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INITCODE for BF525 processor to create an .ldr file

Question asked by anjana on May 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by Andreas

Hi we are using BF525 processor, i want to create an .ldr file to flash into Atmel spiflash. Can you please send me the INITCODE for BF525 processor.





I have an INITCODE for BF532 processor, and i just modified to BF525 proceesor(i am attaching this file), Can you please check it whether it is ok or not.



I have created the .ldr by using the modified init code and by selecting the load options as SPI SLAVE  and ASCII AND 8bit mode, that time it is generating the loader file in a different way, (I am attaching the file)..Can you please check it and let me know aout the INIT Code and >ldr






Thanks in advance'