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ADV7623: HDMI mode failed as DVI

Question asked by Clarke on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by PaulS

This is urgent question.

We tested audio replay but failed because ADV7623 was in MUTE mode.

The root cause seemed ADV7623 detected HDMI mode as DVI.

Please advise the way to fix it.

The facts:

The monitor is connected to HDMI.

HDMI_MODE_SEL, TX MAIN MAP, Address 0xAF[1] is set to 1(HDMI mode).

The monitor operation looks good since it replays audio when it connected to PC through HDMI.

We found HDMI Map address 0x16[6] was 1.

We also found HDMI_MODE, TX EDID Map, Address 0xFA[4] was 0 (DVI mode)  and HDMI_MODE, RX HDMI MAP, Address 0x05[7] was 0 (DVI mode).