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ADV7511 linux video driver, monitor "Out of Range"

Question asked by sclukey on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by larsc


    I have used installed the analog devices kernel and drivers on my Zynq device but when I plug the monitor in it shows "Out of range". I can still type with the keyboard and access the pts (I know because of the serial console), but, of course, I can't see anything I'm doing.

     I am using the Enclustra ZX3 module in the PM3 board with the Imageon FMC HDMI board for the display.


     I can't find anywhere in the driver where the screen resolution or frame rate is set or even any way to check that from liunx, so I really have no idea how to go about debugging this problem. So if anyone can point me in right direction I would greatly appreciate it.