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AD9914 eval board schematic pin 57,AVDD, 1.8 v supply thru 600 Ohm Inductor?

Question asked by Halausteve on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by Halausteve

Dear Sirs,

I was looking at the  AD9914 eval board schematic and Gerber files, and I had a question about pin 57. of the AD9914, AD9915.


The data sheet seems to show that pin57  is AVDD, one of three pins for Analog Core Supply 1.8v.


In the evaluation board schematic, 1.8v is applied, but it has to pass through a 600 ohm inductor before reaching the pin.


I could make sense of this if there was also a capacitor between the pin 57 and ground, as this would then just be explained as


isolation and filtering of the power supply. 


My question is, should I also put a 0.1uf capacitor between pin 57 and gnd, to assist the 600 ohm inductor in isolating the AD9914/5 chip from the power supply? Or is there a special reason for an inductor alone?


Thank you very much for any comments