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AMC of EBIU on BF548

Question asked by sujan5614 on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2013 by Nabeel


         I am working on BF548 using CCES ver 1.0.2.


I have a requirement to perform read/write operations on a CPLD connected to the AMC of the EBIU. The CPLD is connected to CS0.

From the HRM Rev 1.2, I am clear about the timing parameters and also how to set them in EBIU_AMBCTLx Registers.

What I cant figure out is how to initiate a read or write access operation?

1. There is a section - "Asynchronous Accesses by Core Instructions" page 5-70, HRM, where an assembly code snippet is provided. Is there any other way to perform the same operation, i.e. in C, or it is the only way as given here?

2. As per my understanding, the async memory is initialized in the Init code. So what would be the appropriate location to perform the read/write operation. (I need to dump a series of hex codes in the CPLD.)


Also, I am trying to perform something similar to, as given in Figure 5-24, of the HRM.


Please guide.


Sujan Nag