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From EZKIT to product target - Is VDSP & USB-ICE all I need?

Question asked by IainM on May 20, 2010
Latest reply on May 25, 2010 by IainM

I have my product working on a BF533 EZKIT and am ready to move to a custom PCB design. From reading the tech notes & EZ postings it looks like I can program and test my custom target PCB with VDSP using a JTAG port via the USB-ICE. Seeing as you are offering this package at 70%off this month, I'm interested in pulling the trigger on this but I have a few qn's that perhaps the experts here can answer.


I see on the EZKIT that the JTAG connects to the BF533 through a proprietory "debug agent." On my custom PCB, can I just wire the JTAG pins direct to the 14pin header or is there some additional interface needed to make the USB-ICE work? What VDSP functionality would I lose without the debug agent?


From what I've read, it looks like I can load the flash programmer .dxe onto my custom PCB via the JTAG and then program the flash memory through the BF533. Is this correct?


I'll be using a different FLASH memory chip on my board and from reading around the forum I see that I'll need a driver to be able to program this specfic IC. Are there any tech notes on this? Does this driver need to be written in C (I'm not a C programmer)?


If writing a custom flash driver is expert level programming, is there a list of available FLASH memory chips that work with the provided flash programmer tool?


Thanks in advance